The Marketing Scientist: Online Marketing as though your life depends on it.

We get our hands dirty
so you can win in a landslide

Digital Marketing As If Your Life Depends On It. And It May.

We won the presidential election of Guatemala.

When Álvaro Colom wanted to be President of Guatemala, he called The Marketing Scientist to run the online campaign. We won.

What We Do

Since our founding on 27/7/2007, there have been two halves to what we do.

Learn how to acquire users online

Paid ads alone never win — so the first challenge is to figure out how to excite your target.

Scale up online user acquisition

Once we know how we’re going to acquire users, we systematize, professionalize & scale up the operation.

We use modern online marketing strategies & tools, of course, to…

…Do what it takes to make both happen. Here are some
approaches of ours, that we can talk about publicly.

…Target consumers or voters

Let’s figure out whom to target, where, and how — using the best of modern tools.

…Make them talk about you

Let’s create emotional responses to get them to do what we need.

…Make them talk about your competitors

And of course we need them talking all about your competitor’s flaws and disasters.

Weapons of Choice

Strategy and strength without best of breed modern weapons will fail. Here are some of ours weapons that are not classified.

Getting Our Hands Dirty With Every Little Detail

We obsess on the smallest details, since that’s what separates success from failure.

Crafting Words & Images To Achieve Our Goals

Words, Images, Numbers & Details you don’t even realize matter, matter deeply.

Daily War Room Full Team Meetings

Constant close contact between all key players gives us speed, flexibility, and strength.

Willingness To Do What It Takes

From generating scandals to SEO, we take calculated risks to make it rain, while minimizing related risks.

Various Testing & Scaling Methodologies

A/B and multivariate testing is just the start, using best in class tools from Silicon Valley.

Turning Every Successful Test Into a Process

Systematizing processes enable scaling, but only once we know what to scale.

Not Just Suggesting Ideas, But Doing Them. Forcefully.

You know consultants with great ideas who then sit on the sidelines? Not us.

Sheer Creativity & Boundary-Pushing

How can you win if you do just the same things everyone else is doing? You can’t.

Having Seen Every Problem Under The Sun… and Solved Them

Deep experience gives us the instinct as to what is likely to work, and thus worth testing.

Obsessively Testing Everything

Testing landing pages & ads is just the start; we apply our testing methodology to seemingly everything.

Insistence On Measuring & Tracking The Smallest Things

“Some data is better than no data” is one of our mantras.

Doing Everything With Our Goals In Mind

Ensuring every detail of what we do is in support of your actual goals.

Woman with Ba'al's horns

Your Business’s Survival Depends On 11x-ing Its Growth.

Please, try to find another team like us

Lots of people try to do online marketing. Here are the three reasons why the most demanding clients on the planet keep on calling us.

We Obsess Like Maniacs

One part of our magic is that we’re just absurdly focused. When we jump into a project and really start diving deep into it, it turns from a mere client project into a singular obsession. That’s not even a choice; it’s in our personalities.

We Professionalize Your Marketing Operations

Another part of our magic is that we don’t come in just to solve the problems, but to approach it organizationally and scale out the needed systems to grow your team to manage the marketing. We’ll become your CMO. And to do so, we know when to be nice and when to be not-nice.

We Do Grey Ops

It’s easy to think, “we’ll just make some great ads and landing pages and sales will come.” Serious online marketing doesn’t work like that. You show us a successful tech company that only played nice by the book, and we’ll show you what they’re not telling you. Our strategies are 100% legal, we’ll work with your legal team as needed, and we use our deep moral compass to guide our decisions as well.

Morgan Friedman

About The Marketing Scientist

Morgan Friedman has been scaling campaigns from their infancy to 10m+ votes and has earned ecommerce companies more than $311 million. He has built up his core trusted team of freelancers and partners during this time. Morgan’s starting assumption is that there are no coincidences. He has written two best-selling books (Penguin) and is chairman of The Buffalo Group.