When Álvaro Colom wanted to be President of Guatemala, he called The Marketing Scientist. We won the election.

You have no idea where your potential customers are right now or what they are doing… Luckily, we do.

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We obsess over learning how to get people excited about your product.

Getting People Talking About Your Product

Our mission is to help you acquire users. But user acquisition is expensive — too expensive for you. Our solution is to figure out how to get potential clients talking about you, to minimize the user acquisition cost.

1. Strategize Ideas That Will Get Users Talking

The first step is to come up with concepts that will get people talking and sharing. What makes you want to tell all your friends?

3. Implement The Most Successful Ones

Once we’ve found concepts that are successfully acquiring users, we help you roll it out throughout the company.

2. Test Out The Best Ideas

But most ideas suck–even most of ours. By definition! So we test out the ones we think are most likely to succeed, using lots of fun tools. We love Adwords for example to test out interest in concepts.

4. Scale Scale Scale!

Now that we have a working model to get users excited, we can do fun optimization games like SEO to scale up the user acquisition strategies magnificently.