We get our hands dirty
so you can win in a landslide

Online Marketing As If Your Life Depends On It. And It May.

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We won the presidential election of Guatemala.

When Álvaro Colom wanted to be President of Guatemala, he called The Marketing Scientist to run the online campaign. We won.

What We Do

Since our founding on 27/7/2007,
there have been two halves to
what we do.

We use modern online marketing strategies
& tools, of course, to…

…Do what it takes to make both happen. Here are some
approaches of ours, that we can talk about publicly.

Weapons of Choice

Strategy and strength without best of breed modern weapons will fail. Here are some of ours weapons that are not classified.


Please, try to find another team like us

Lots of people try to do online marketing. Here are the three reasons
why the most demanding clients on the planet keep on calling us.

About The Marketing Scientist

Morgan Friedman has been scaling campaigns from their infancy to 10m+ votes and has earned ecommerce companies more than $311 million. He has built up his core trusted team of freelancers and partners during this time. Morgan’s starting assumption is that there are no coincidences. He has written two best-selling books (Penguin) and is chairman of The Buffalo Group