1st Example Of What The Marketing Scientist Does

One of our clients:

One of the largest retailers in the gardening space (hydroponics). We increased their gross revenue by 300% in under 6 months.. Our marketing was so successful online that the company took the way we positioned them online and changed all of their offline, real-world marketing to reflect that.

Our core positioning that transformed the company was to, have them differentiate themselves via focusing on customer service. We tested this online and, when successful, applied thesameoffline.

How did we do it? By following our process, outlined in the presentation. The variation of the process tailored for his needs. Specifically:

· First, we identified the risks and weaknesses in their current marketing strategy, including, no competitive differentiator and no strong emotional pull to make a purchase.

· Second, we creatively brainstormed many different positioning options.

· Third, we tested iteratively many different positionings for many different products using primarily Adwords

· Fourth, based on the results of the testing, we came up with new, different theories and positions that we then tested

· Fifth, once we found patterns that worked well, we then obsessed over every detail of the online sales collateral to give a consistent message.

The result? Magic.

2nd Example Of What The Marketing Scientist Does

Another one of our clients:

The Office of the President of a Third World Country called us when they desperately need to get their message out. Over four weeks, we changed the tone of the conversation about them on Twitter and Facebook from 5% positive to 50% positive.

Our process:

· First, identify possible strategies to take that would resonate with the Internet-using public of thiscountry.

· Second, test out various strategies simultaneously, focusing on Twitter and Facebook.

· Third, as some tests worked better than others, continued trying different approaches and testing different theories as to what would be most effective

· Fourth, once we found the approach that worked well, we went through and implemented that approach obsessively in every little detail of the primary and ancillary campaigns.

The result? Magic.