Who We Are

Our track record speaks for itself, and it falls into two types.

First, there is our public face–what you’ve seen and heard about:
· We were the Time Magazine Coolest Blogger of the Year
· Featured and Profiled in the New York Times, Boston Globe, Washington Post, and most major American newspapers
· Interviewed and profiled on CNN and Fox
· Made the ‘coolest site of the day’/’featured site of the day’ lists for every major feature from CNN to Yahoo.
· Our books have been published by Penguin.

The list goes on and on.

Secondly, there is our marketing track record. We’ve taken our magic and applied it elsewhere with astonishing results. Read about it yourself.


The Marketing Scientist works very closely with two partners.· CitrusByte is our software development partner. They will build any needed technology quickly and correctly.

· Design2Dev is our graphic design partner. They will create with us the aesthetic component of the project, optimized for our marketing–and for conversions.

· Negative Online Marketing is our “down n’ dirty” marketing partner. They will expose your competitor’s unhappiest clients and weaknesses to the world, putting you back on top where you belong.

· And, of course, our in-house team of an amazing computer scientist, a social media marketer, a data analyst, and two “we get the dirty work done” marketers.