The Complete Customer Development Package

Online Campaign Planning: Where & To Find The Customers

The first step in any campaign is to plan our strategic approach for finding the customers. Our plans usually center around keyword analysis and selection, followed by keyword testing. We use various systems, best practices, and our processes to identify where to find the customers and what keywords to use.

Marketing-Based Product Design

A movie designed from the ground-up to be marketed will, more likely, have a stronger campaign than one with a marketing campaign grafted on top. For clients with small companies and start-ups, we help design the products with marketing the marketing in mind.

Sales and Landing Page Creation

Now that we have a compelling product, the next step–before trying to get people to buy the product–is to crafting a pitch and page that we believe will be compelling. This includes the design of the pitch, the visual design, the incorporation of best practices to create a page optimized for achieving the sale, and the incorporation of powerful measurement technologies.

Conversion Optimization

With our page in hand designed for the optimized sales, we now need to test the page–since, no matter how great we imagine our design is, the real world is always a wake up call. Only through getting real users to the site will we learn what works and what doesn’t work–so that we can refine our pages and our pitch until we have one that is profitable.

SEM & Email & Online Campaigns

With an effective landing page, we’re ready to scale the campaign. The first step to that is usually running keyword based ads to start the process of testing the advertising in conjunction with the landing page. This entails testing and optimizing the ads as well as the landing pages. We use proprietary technology to manage and scale the campaigns.


SEO should only begin at this point, later in the lifecycle of the campaign; it is a waste of resources to optimize for SEO too early. SEO is a effectively a method for reducing the ad spend on Adwords and is a valuable long-term investment. We also own proprietary software that lets us scale effectively SEO campaigns.

Social Media

Social Media–most importantly, Twitter–has become the centerpiece of modern online advertising campaigns, due to the easily scalable and cost effective way to communicate with customers and potential customers. We run mid-sized social media campaigns as part of our long-term strategy as well.

Viral Campaigns

Viral campaigns are secondary test that, we believe, could get people so emotionally excited that each user shares it with at least 2 more users on average within 24 hours of first being exposed to it. We plan and execute these sorts of campaigns, and track and measure them using our Virality Rate measurement system.